Movie Poster Photoshoots

I recently shot more photos for the romantic comedy film and the action film. I will then continue composting the images into posters. The photoshoot process was fairly simple since I had thumbnail sketches I used as my foundation.

Side Hustle – Horror Film Photos

I did a photoshoot of the horror film thumbnails using a few students. I shot the images above in my dorm suite since my residence hall has a more house type aesthetic and would look more believable as a house. I was intent on getting red solo cups since I believe alcohol is a catalyst for the story. I did different shots of the characters to experiment what would look best as a poster.

Side Hustle – Movie Poster Thumbnails

sketch thumbnailsThumbnails

I made thumbnail iterations for each film. This thumbnails were the compositions I enjoyed the most and believed to be the best fitting ideas to market the films. For the horror film, I wanted to focus on the main character hiding from the intruder or focus on the people who were affected by the intruder. The thumbnails consist of stills that would be seen from the film. For the action film, I wanted to express the vast expanse of the setting of where the main character is in. However, I feel that this composition might confused the viewers on what type of genre the film is so I did other iterations of the main character falling from the cliff to emphasize the action genre. For the rom-com I wanted to be as simple as possible and showcase the couple in the poster. I want to either show the table where the couple sit in the restaurant or show stills of the couple in love.