Julia Eck side hustle 5

I formatted my book on InDeisgn while using real books I own as reference to words per page, font, font size, letting, and when to justify my text and when not to. I also took note of the name and title at the top of the page as well as page numbers and new chapter formatting. I chose palatino for my font on the inside as well experimenting with various google fonts for my title and name on the cover. I spent a long while formatting as each page had to be consistent with the others and in order to order off blurb my pdf had to be a multiple of 6. I edited it twice more once I formatted to make sure there were no typos, however based off of blurb’s recommendation I am going to order 2 books to start as proofs and then order more depending on how many people want to buy one. I chose a soft cover for the sake of saving money and did a wrap around image with traditional book pages inside and a 5×8 size which is slightly smaller than traditional. It ended up being around 70 pages total.