some stuff i forgot to post about

again im just kind of having fun and experimenting


I love collage so I want to see what I can do with the above design wise jazz.JPG

I’ve wanted to digitally remake one of my favorite paintings i made last year but gave up on it until now. I thought it would be basic or not as interesting as the painting but I’m really happy with how this came out. Will add text in that open purple area later


I’ve also been really inspired by James Victoire’s book Feck Perfuction and been thinking about some of his quotes

im actually excited about design again which is nice 🙂

Side Hustle Final Update

This is the final logo that I ended up with. The design is more simplified compared to the rest (from the past). I used three colors for this where I want the black to stand out the most. This is because I want the logo to play around the pun with the Chinese character and “step”. If it is not understood immediately then the eye can go to the grey, which is less dominate in the visual.

The color palette

Lastly, I made it so that the logo is put into business cards and shoe boxes to show how it can be utilized. The red is shown throughout the products, which is a new characteristic of the brand. It is an important transition from the old logo to the new one, since the slogan is about going from the past to the future. Let’s all “Step Into Mai Future”.

Another Side Hustle?!

For the past few years I’ve made and refined my own planner design from scratch, but this year I’ve realized I need to go back to the drawing board and design a new system for planning, this time to fit the college demands of friends and I.

The main problems I noticed:

  • Limited space in certain places and excessive or unused space in others.
  • The planner was designed for my high school task flow, not college. In college, my tasks don’t refresh each day or every other day like they did in high school.
  • The planner has half the amount of space designated for each weekend day than is designated for each week day. In high school this was fine, but in college I have a hard time planning what I’ll do each day of the weekend with this amount of space.
my old planner spreads