HyunDa – Side Hustle


This is my mind map, and I decided to attempt as many competitions as possible.

1st one is The One Show. Down below is my powerpoint of my progress.

Side Hustle Progress


Adelin Zegstroo Side Hustle


long neck baby bird boi: the inspiration for this whole thing
What: The objective of this project is to create a children’s bedroom set  using a common color palette, pattern, and texture through multiple mediums such as sewing, weaving, print, and digital. I will also create a packaging/branding system for the bedding such a tags. The bedding will offer a gender neutral, graphic alternative to childrens bedding.

Who: Although the product is intended for children, I am mainly doing this for myself. I want to implement the multiple artistic disciplines that I have learned to create something graphic.

How: I will use physical mediums to create some of the smaller aspects of  this project, such as pillows, wall hangings, stuffed animals, etc. and digital mock ups for things such as sheets and comforters.



Alex Morales Side Hustle Brief

Project Pinterest Board:



Purpose Statement or Objective:

Over the course of the semester I will create 3-4 issues of a magazine featuring my own illustrations and writings about sustainability and environmentalism.



Each magazine will feature a different theme of environmental activism- the food industry, animal conservation, deforestation, global warming, pollution, etc. If time permits, clothing and stationery mockups will be created and/or photographed for advertisements within the magazine; these products can be for the magazine itself or to raise money for hypothetical organizations that support the causes the magazine educates its readers on. I also want to design a mobile format for the project, as most articles and research are accessed online today.



My audience will be anyone who takes an interest in educating themselves a little more on how they can do their part to stay informed on current, pressing environmental issues. In particular I want to gear the magazine towards youth, as we are the future for our planet and I can use my voice to educate younger generations without sounding authoritative.



I will design the illustrations in Illustrator, and design the magazine in InDesign. The mockups for shirt designs and stationery for advertisements will be created on undecided websites online. The research I do will come from reputable existing scientific journals, websites, and documentaries.