Update 1: Sticky Bun Day


Sticky Bun Day is February 21st!

For this weeks gif, I was feeling nostalgic and was inspired by the look of old video/ computer games. I researched tutorials on and experimented with the pixel art style, which turned out to be a bit trickier than expected! I made an initial ugly cinnamon bun, and learned that pixel art works best with limited colors and smaller pixels.

The process overall was very interesting. I spent most of my time actually drawing the image out, and added just a bit of simple animation in after effects. The pixel art was created in Illustrator with a 175x 175 square grid and the live paint tool to fill in every single tiny square. Fun really! But it took me from 3pm-12:30am overall which I didn’t plan on.

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 4.47.44 PM


Side Hustle | Pattern Exploration (W4)

My side hustle project will explore pattern creation. I’m researching various methods of pattern creation as well as their cultural history and contemporary use. I’m also researching various sources of inspiration such as historical themes and architecture styles. I will then incorporate the patterns into illustrations to be displayed alongside each other. I’ve attached my Week 4 Update & Creative Brief for more info.

Weekly Update | Week 4 Update

Other | Creative Brief

Zoe Kelly’s Weekly Holiday Side Hustle

The Weekly Holiday Side Hustle Project !


The Weekly Holiday is a personal creative exercise where I will practice animation techniques by making a short gif for miscellaneous holidays every week.


Each gif will be approached slightly differently in terms of style and animation technique. The holidays and their dates are according to my mini holiday themed calendar, which I am referencing for this project. Creating a holiday gif daily is too overwhelming, so I will only be choosing and animating my favorite holiday found in  that week.


These holidays are for everyone to enjoy and for everyone to access. I plan on compiling my gifs into a website that anyone can find and view. I chose miscellaneous holidays because they’re fun for just about everyone.


I will be using primarily adobe programs and create the project digitally. Later in the project I might attempt stop motion. The holiday gifs will be all formatted the same so they look nice together. I’m looking into free web creation websites for where i’m going to put the gifs all together.


To stay ahead of the holiday dates, I will be working on them two weeks in advance. I will be posting the gif on the holiday’s actual date.