Side Hustle Process


Side Hustle Process (1)


Outline of Steps for Side Hustle

Here is an outline of what needs to get done so far. I expect this to expand in the future into smaller steps.

  1. Gather and analyze inspiration
  2. Decide on the details
    1. What’s the story going to be?
    2. What’s the name of the game?
    3. What’s the brand going to be like?
      1. Color scheme
      2. Type of game
      3. The style of art
  3. Break the game down into parts to complete
  4. Research different game making software
  5. Research how to complete the parts I don’t already know how to complete.
  6. Do it!

Game Ideas for Side Hustle

Game Idea 1: an interactable world-> be able to complete a specific easy task (ex. Pick up and collect items before a time limit.) Maybe the second time you play the characters somehow remember you playing?

Game Idea 2: an imagination land/ dreamland with characters from the player’s character’s daydreams who have a mental block in their village

Sub ideas:

-> The mental block is a literal wall and no one wants it there.

-> The mental block is a problem/disagreement between the townspeople (cognitive dissonance)

Game Idea 3: A place or town that you need to light up, or wake up (ex. Feed the fire, turn on the light, etc.)

Sub ideas:

-> the town is in darkness because the sun doesn’t work?

-> someone is sleeping and needs to wake up? (perhaps the character is the one sleeping and is trying to wake themselves up?)

Game Idea 4: A place or town that you need to add color to with specific colors. ( would require mixing primary colors to make secondary colors) There are many sad people and things in this town because they are colorless or something else is colorless.

Sub ideas:

-> the town isn’t colorful because the mayor banned bright color or paint in general?(kind of like burger meister meister burger except he hates color)

-> the town isn’t colorful because a color bandit stole all the color for some reason?

***Game Idea 5 (I think I’m going to do this idea): A game with a Simon Says aspect where instructions appear for a short amount of time and you need to execute them, but instead of clicking on regular colors you are clicking on ingredients to make potions?

Sub ideas:

-> you are making potions because you are a wizard/witch

*** -> you are making potions because you are a wizard/witch’s apprentice and the wizard/witch is busy (a) helping you (b) helping someone else or (c) sleeping or out of their shop ( if c you could be sneaking around and making potions even though you don’t have permission)