Zander SideHustle (final?)

PDF Spread View of Magazine (Post Leah)

PDF Spread View of Magazine (Pre Leah)

This week I made a lot of progress in finalizing everything, I made the professional artist spreads, and cleaned up the interview answers and made sure everything was there and the links were up to date. I made a back cover (may be updated with text because it looks a little bland to me personally) and am just about ready to print the magazines. After feedback this upcoming week, I will make any revisions or additions to the magazine that people see fit and will begin work on the process book as soon as that is done.

Next Week

I want to make the final changes and begin printing while I have time to troubleshoot printing errors to leave myself enough time to play around with the process book for this project.

Zander SideHustle

Updated Stats/Facts Spread

Definitions/Vision Spread

Updated MWP Student Spread Design


Next Week

I will finalize the information spreads and make sure the MWP spreads are done and uniform. After feedback I will decide if I will need the professional artist spreads. After that, I will be making any last minute changes and then printing the following week

Zander SideHustle

This week I played around a bit more with the idea of the artist spreads after feedback about the layouts and will continue this upcoming week. I also gathered information and made some graphics to illustrate information and statistics about colour blindness.

Updated Layout Choice

Information Spread


Next Week:

My next steps are to get one or two more pieces of information in the information spread. I also want to get the established artist spread done. Finally, I want to start finalizing the MWP artist spreads as much as possible.

Zander SideHustle

This week I got the information and images needed from Muhammad and input them into the spreads. Taking ideas from last weeks feedback and running with them, I designed a few new spread ideas to make the artist information spreads look a bit more cohesive.  (Links go to drive files to save space on the wordpress due to large file size)

Muhammad Spread

Rodrigo Updated Spread

Zander Updated Spread

Rendele Updated Spread

Muhammad Updated Spread

Muhammad Updated Spread 2


Next Steps:

For next week I want to gather a lot of information on the “Did You Know” side of things to then put in the spreads for the magazine. I focused on the designing of the spreads more than information gathering next week so design changes will be less of a priority for the following week.

Zander Utica Proud

A Slice of Personality 

by Zander Varney

Utica is home to many one of a kind experiences, but one of the most memorable ones is this little pizza shop on Genesee Street. Palermo Pizzeria is a restaurant that has become a staple in the lives of many of my fellow PrattMWP students, and in the lives of many Uticans. From grabbing a bite to eat before classes or studio time, to 2:00am snack runs, the food at Palermo’s is something nobody will forget about Utica. This along with the one of a kind stories and experiences had at Palermo’s, makes it something truly amazing. P1580732_1

Palermo’s isn’t just rich in taste, it also has a rich history. According to co-owner Tony Randazzo, his father worked in a pizza shop called Capri Pizzeria, which he then would go to open another location on Genesee street in 1971 in honor of Capri Pizzeria. The father along with his two sons, Tony and Patrick, would later go to open the Palermo’s location that we have come to love. The Palermo’s Pizzeria location opened in 1992 and was run simultaneously alongside the Capri Pizzeria that the family owned and ran for a solid 6 years. This puts Palermo’s at 27 years old, and the family’s pizza businesses at a whopping 47 years on Genesee alone! With the current location’s building originally being a furniture shop in the early 1950s, the building has seen its fair share of change, even if the Palermo name that we know and love has only been around since the early 1990s. They even saw the conception and completion of the Oneida Square traffic circle on Genesee street in 2010.Z_V_IllustrationEvery trip to Palermo’s is something unique, the inviting atmosphere, the one of a kind employees, and the stories you couldn’t get anywhere else. A trip to Palermo’s could bring you face to face with people running for councilman, a wide cast of interesting Utican citizens such as the “Kite Guy” who has been seen setting up just a few feet away in the Oneida Square area. According to Tony, this is one of the best parts of the job, seeing the wide array of customers, from all ages, professions, and walks of life. I will never forget the time that I went in for the first time and talked with one of the employees while my food was being made as if we were long time friends. This aspect of feeling like the employees are your friends, mixed with the warm comfortable atmosphere, draws me to go back time and again. 

“Palermo’s is something bigger than the food, it’s the experience”
– PrattMWP Student 

When asked what makes Palermo’s Unique, co-owner Tony said that it was their availability. This aspect of their business truly is great; they are open every day of the week until at least 2:00am, they deliver all across the city, they even take orders online or from their app.

Palermo’s has seen a ton of history in its day, and every visit is like none before. The restaurant acts as a sort of epicenter, bringing people together who may have nothing in common other than the love of a hot and tasty meal. This is something that draws many back for another meal, which is truly something to be proud of. _DSC5745

Zander SideHustle Update

Layout Progress

This passed week I figured out a good layout that I am looking at for use in the spreads for the artist pages. The layout is subject to change and may not be the final layout if feedback and further experimenting leads me in that direction. Below are the current spreads that I have made with the information put in.







Next Steps:

I am waiting for Muhammad to finish the interview questions, and provide the images for the magazine. After that is completed, I will put that data in and insert the pictures. I will also create another Ishihara plate to insert behind Muhammad’s picture that is appropriate to the colour blindness that he has. After the spreads are finished for the time being, I will be moving on to making the other pages that will have misconceptions about being colourblind and that will feature facts, and artists that are also colourblind to show more about the world of the colourblind.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated!