Side Hustle Final Update

This is the final logo that I ended up with. The design is more simplified compared to the rest (from the past). I used three colors for this where I want the black to stand out the most. This is because I want the logo to play around the pun with the Chinese character and “step”. If it is not understood immediately then the eye can go to the grey, which is less dominate in the visual.

The color palette

Lastly, I made it so that the logo is put into business cards and shoe boxes to show how it can be utilized. The red is shown throughout the products, which is a new characteristic of the brand. It is an important transition from the old logo to the new one, since the slogan is about going from the past to the future. Let’s all “Step Into Mai Future”.

The Man that Trained America

Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, the Baron of the American Revolution.

by Tom Shen

Statue of Baron von Steuben
The Statue of the Baron, Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben on Genesee St.

Baron von Steuben was a famous military figure in Europe during the late 18th century. One interesting fact is that he also has associations with Utica in his lifetime. He was known for his titles serving the Prussian army, as well as, the British and French armies. Once he found Benjamin Franklin in Paris he started establishing his legacy with the American army. It lead him to meet with George Washington and the revolutionary army in Yorktown. He had introduced many innovative ideas with the gun firing system and the arrangement of tents as they moved to Valley Forge. It made the military much more organised and successful. Due to his success over the years in the American army, he was able to become an American citizen and start his residency in New York. He eventually died in Utica without a proper burial, but instead his sword was stored in the Oneida Historical Center of Utica to record his accomplishments during his lifetime. 

Baron von Steuben Illustration

“Most historian say that three men were indispensable during the American revolution. One was Washington, he wasn’t a great general, but he could get men together, Ben Franklin who got the French and the German to join and there was Steuben!”
Frank Tomaino,
Trustee at Oneida County


Inside the Oneida Center, there are many weapons used during the time of Baron von Steuben. It is more fascinating and interesting how big of a collection of swords there is. The sword held by von Steuben is up for display in the hall of the Oneida County on Genesee Street. His biography is also written along side with it. The sword collection was said to be the ones that were used during his training with the troops in upstate New York. Without his professional training with the farmer boys, America wouldn’t have won the Revolutionary War.

Sword of Baron von Steuben
The display of Steuben’s sword inside the Oneida History Center

Tom Side Hustle Progress

I’ve put my sketches to illustrator and tried to create more logo designs digitally. I came to a conclusion in using Helvetica Bold as the font, since most sport companies use it for its readability. I have tried many geometric shapes with incorporations of the sport figure and the Chinese character (mai).

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 9.53.10 PM

I end up with these two designs as these show the Chinese character pretty clearly with a dynamic flow towards the overall logo. I’ve tested the main color palette that I want to include here to see how it can look like, but I’m also open to other colors in the future. I think these two designs communicate the best with the aim for this project by showing dynamic elements with geometric lines that show lively figure.

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 9.54.00 PM