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Utica Public Library is the

reading center of Utica

by Bryan Park


Why should people visit the Utica Public Library? It is because the library provides a perfect place for personal development. with over 25,000 collections of books and databases, the Utica Public Library can be the good source of gaining knowledge by reading and exploring throughout books and data. The library supports everything free; visitors can rent books, magazines, DVDs, newspapers, and use computers to search up more information. Also, they hold many events throughout a year for visitors and members of the library. The librarians are very kind and helpful, they can help visitors with anything about the library when anyone asks for help.

Utica Public Library was founded in 1838. It was the first public free library in Utica. The library has over 25,000 collections of books. This collection is very various, they have books for kids, teenagers, students, young adults, adults, and seniors. Recently, the library started to support visitors and members who need help with e-books and audiobooks as well. Utica Public Library is the biggest library in Utica where many people would like to visit and explore knowledge.

The building of the library is really awesome, it is very traditional with Greek columns with two chandeliers on a ceiling. Indoor is very cozy and comfortable. Rooms and books are organized well by genres and age range for visitors to find books and other materials easily.


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