MAD DUM Fashion Show

The Fashion show was a total success! I am currently trying to hunt down anybody who has a full video of the entire show start to finish. here are some pictures from backstage and the models on set!

More photos to come! these great black and white ones are film pics by Daniela dePontes, she really did a great job. I am planning on using some of them and imposing text and graphic design to make brand advertisements.

Fashion Show Poster

I designed this poster to hang on the doors of the museum so that people would know they were in the right place for the event. the design is simple but does not need anymore information than it has because people are already at the event. I have attached the .pdf here.

@event poster

Program Posters

We wanted to provide the information of what the show was about and who was participating in the execution of it as well as the designing of it, and the original idea was to print out individual program booklets. I figured that it would be a waste of paper as many people probably would not keep them after the show and decided to make program posters instead. These posters contained all of the same information but in a much more minimalist layout. The posters also allowed us to print on much less paper than we would have had we gone with individual booklets and therefore they were more environmentally efficient as well. I have attached a .pdf of this poster here.

mad dum program poster


Forgotten logo progress

Hey all,

I forgot to post these process photos of the design for the final logo. After many attempts at something chic but unreadable, I took Cindy’s advice and went the simple and readable route. I was sketching some ideas on the chalkboard and came up with an interesting wordmark concept in which the words mad dum are made of the exact same three glyphs. IMG_1390I loved the idea of the ‘m’s and the ‘D’s being exactly the same as well as the ‘U’ which resembles more of a ‘v’ form but is readable as a ‘u’ due to its curved bottom. The ‘u’ when inverted is the ‘a’ in ‘mad’ and these two glyphs (the u and a) together without the ‘m’s or ‘d’s make the actual logo image.

I drew one of each glyph up in illustrator according to a grid which ensured that they were all of the same proportions, and I duplicated each and brought them down and I inverted the ‘u’ to make the ‘a’. The original design appears on the right but after some critiquing it was decided that I should add some more border space around the wordmark. Cindy also reminded me that for print, its best to use a two-layer image in which the glyphs are white on black, rather than having the glyphs negated out of the black rectangle. This will help ensure that during printing, the black background will not bleed into the white space of each glyph.

Mad Dum branding progress

I began cutting vinyl stickers as a way to spread the brand name. I figured vinyl made an attractive and durable sticker and since the logo is a single tone with simple linework it is a perfect file for the vinyl cutter to work with. These stickers are great for laptops or wherever else you want to put them, they also open many opportunities for new ways to apply the logo to boxes, bags and other packaging.

The machine which cuts them can work with vinyl of any color and finish offering endless possibilities for how we may present the logo.