Bradford Magazine 9

I’ve come to realize that my side hustle has led me more towards the arts magazine than I originally presumed. Interestingly enough, I’m enjoying finding these art magazines, and figuring out how to place my self into them than the fashion illustrations I originally proposed. Just a thought, but it’s important enough to be discussed. Anyways, this is Hi Fructose Contemporary Arts magazine. The mockup is this week and last weeks editions together.

Bradford Utica Proud

Studio space is a cornerstone for cities around the world. They are the artistic centers from which the vibrancy of a city truly blooms. 4 Elements Studio is the light in the darkness for the city of Utica. Owned and operated by Vartan Poghosian since February 2015, the studio is a haven for the ceramic community.

Vartan finds that Utica has one of the strongest art communities he’s ever experience. He explains; “ Artists here are solid, serious, and established.” Thus, he opens his studio doors to those artists of Utica. His 4 Elements Studio space is open to qualified individuals for clay work of all kinds. He rents out space to active artists as office space, studio space, and for teaching. Not only that, those who take part in the 4 Elements Studio space can elect to have their work curated or sold for them. 4 Elements is also open 24/7 to artists who have come under Vartan’s wing.

Formalities out of the way, how did Vartan get here? He’s a gay immigrant from Armenia for god’s sake. Now he owns his own successful studio! Well, in his 20’s he decided he would come to America for the sake of his future, and because it felt like the thing to do. During his travels he met John Von Bergen in Maine. Understanding their mutual artistic bond, Vartan and John became good friends. John would eventually sponsor Vartan for his green card as well, and so Vartan would end up working for John to pursue his artistic career. This brought him to Utica to work for Von Bergen. Now he’s become established, and detached himself from John so that he can build 4 Elements Studio’s future.

Ironically enough, John Von Bergen was one of the founders of Sculpture Space which is a large scale residency opportunity for many artists working in sculpture. This organization was also based in Utica. So, 4 Elements Studio actually works closely with Sculpture Space to assist and build the careers of the artists in attendance. This is all through the previously mentioned qualities of 4 Elements above.

In essence, hopefully you now realize the importance of this artistic space in Utica. The opportunity generated here is monumental for sculptures. I can personally attest that the products 4 Elements Studio produces are fantastic. So, if you have any inkling in the world of ceramics, or are interested in purchasing some, then 4 Elements Studio is a must see.