Natalie Marinides Artist Bio + Profile Picture

NataliProfile1e Marinides was born and raised in Buffalo, NY and is currently attending PrattMWP College of Art and Design in Utica, NY. She is pursuing her BFA in Communications Design with an emphasis in Advertising Art Direction. Throughout high school and college, she has had work shown in several shows and has created designs for various organizations. She has developed a simple and structured style and her designs tend to be very clean and organized. As an avid fan of the television series Mad Men, Natalie takes inspiration from this Don Draper quote: “Make it simple, but significant.”

Side Hustle Inspiration- Natalie Marinides


For my Side Hustle I’m creating a brand identity for a hypothetical diner called Baba’s Bagels. I want it to have a modern look and not have the stereotypical style of a Greek diner. The top four images are from a Greek restaurant in Boston called Gre.Co that has more of the style I’m aiming for. The rest of the images are menu design or packaging design for bakeries, coffee shops, or similar places that have the modern style I’m going for.