Side Hustle Progress

I began to cut out my foam board layers and building them up. Nothing is glued down yet.

Im also drawing each layer out on the foam board. I plan to spray paint everything once it is completely glued down and then go back in with some acrylic and paintbrushes to add some finishing touches.IMG_3363

Utica Proud Final

the gateway project

by Nicolas Montes- Gonzalez
The Gateway Project is a plan to construct numerous campgrounds spread across an abandoned theme park. A day-use area along with an equestrian camping area is also in the works in hopes to boost the energy and liveliness of such a drained plot of land. The theme park this project will take over, has been sitting, uninhabited for 20 years. The gateway project has promised and given a plentiful opportunity to replenish its devastated soil and give way to future tourism. The
Adirondacks have lacked recreational opportunities in the past. With this project surfacing, in 2017 more than twelve million
people visited, increasing the average 20% since 2011. Phase one of the construction was recently completed, continuing to further the development of this 32 million dollar gateway to the Adirondacks. An abundance of work has been thrown into this project, and with good reason. Job opportunities, the economy and tourism will spike in the Utica area with the completion of this development.

“it’s great To experience the range of different sites and locations and products that people can interact with”
said Daniel Buckingham. Since this Gateway project is taking place on such a vast and old plot of land, there is an
incredibly unique history that we can really take advantage of and refurbish. Allowing people who are so used a
certain kind of lifestyle in Utica, to experience such a different landscape and way of life, just goes to show the limitless
opportunities this project can provide for tourism and the economy. People will genuinely want to spend their time doing these outstanding recreational activities because they’ve been so confined to their ways of living in a city like Utica where not much happens. This will surely provide satisfaction to anyone who decides to give back to the Utica
community all the while giving to themselves as well. Utica hasn’t seen daylight in the form of fun or any kind of outdoor activities. With this project, Utica will become a city of interest and the amount of tourists will boom. The influx of
money will provide Utica with mass amounts of economy support, in turn allowing Utica to grow as a successful tourist city. We hope you come and visit Utica and its beautiful surrounding mountains.