Side Hustle Progress

This week I took my interview information and created thumbnail drawings for each customer, as well as thought about color palettes for each bottle and researched some of the artists each interviewee mentioned to think about style of the illustrations. Most of the imagery will bleed into eachother to fit everything on the bottle and create a cohesive look.

I recognize that to these probably look like scribbles but I know what I’m looking at and that’s what matters most.

Side Hustle Progress

I have no visual representations of my side hustle project, but this is my schedule and materials needed:

This past week I interviewed friends such as Angel Zhang, Mayowa Olopade, Ryan Bradford, Jose Ontiveros and Yanfei (Eureka) Du and took audio recordings through each conversation, as well as recieved mood/inspo boards from each interviewee to inspire rough draft drawings for this upcoming week.

Utica Proud Progress


Sadly, my Utica Proud topic has changed from the AMF Pin-O-Rama bowling alley for they could not do interviews, to the A & P Master Images graphic design and printing studio. I am excited for this topic switch and to work with other creatives. This Thursday I will be interviewing Howard and Amanda Potter about their business as well as shadowing one of this to have a deeper understanding of what they do on a daily basis.


Here is a document that details a rough draft for the article of the Bowling Alley and A & P Master Images:


Interview questions for A & P + article title: