Final Planner Designs and Budget

(an update on my second side hustle )

Here are the final planner designs:

The budget so far:

Another Side Hustle?!

For the past few years I’ve made and refined my own planner design from scratch, but this year I’ve realized I need to go back to the drawing board and design a new system for planning, this time to fit the college demands of friends and I.

The main problems I noticed:

  • Limited space in certain places and excessive or unused space in others.
  • The planner was designed for my high school task flow, not college. In college, my tasks don’t refresh each day or every other day like they did in high school.
  • The planner has half the amount of space designated for each weekend day than is designated for each week day. In high school this was fine, but in college I have a hard time planning what I’ll do each day of the weekend with this amount of space.
my old planner spreads

Pickery’s Potions Logo Design

I thought it would be fun to make the logo have a hand picking the dot of the “i” off the name Pickery or the “i” in potions. The first couple iterations I did were hand drawn in photoshop and had some awkward gaps and spacing. I brought them into illustrator and image traced them to keep their hand drawn feel. I worked on the spacing once I played around in illustrator.

For the sake of putting my side hustle in the show, I put some glitter, water, food coloring, and fake flowers in glass bottles that looked like potion bottles to create props to put around the computer screen. One of the bottles featured the logo cut out in black vinyl.

A selected logo iteration with bad spacing
The final logo

Pickery’s Potions Mockup

This is an update on my side hustle.

I didn’t have enough time to code the final product of the game, so I searched for a software that would help me mock up the game and would allow me to take a video of myself doing a single path of game play. I was going to use the program Sketch but sketch doesn’t seem to have an easily available feature for playing animations, video’s or gifs.

After a bit of searching for alternatives, I found an online program called UXPin. UXPin is very much like sketch in that it’s only a prototyping platform, but the user has the ability to add some variables and do if-then statements which makes the process a little easier and the result look more realistic. I was able to get a free trial of UXPin and was able to complete the game mockup in about a week or so.

Pickery’s Potions Cauldron Animation

This post outlines the process behind a cauldron animation I made, which will be a portion of a full screen scene where the player in my game will test out different ingredient combinations.

I started out with a sketch of the whole screen. I wasn’t sure about the left side (my thinking for that is outlined in my last post) so I focused on just the cauldron. I liked the way that the cauldron floated in a fireplace like thing instead of my other ideas where the cauldron sat on a typical gas stove.