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Dyson Utica Proud Final


Walking into Cafe Domenico it is easy to be distracted by the abundance of pictures and paintings that coat the walls. Many Utican citizens may know of this wonderfully cozy and friendly cafe off of Genesee street, but do they know of the story behind how it was founded. As I began interviewing Mr. Domenico I was quickly offered a fresh brewed cup of coffee. If that doesn’t give a clear sign of how incredibly friendly this establishment is, I don’t know what will. Soon after this he began his tale of the cafe’s creation. He had just left the school system and was soon after encouraged by his wife to do something he wanted to do. He had always been interested in small businesses and saw the need for place in Utica where people could come and talk to one another. He also stated the following; “we had really good coffee and a pleasant ambiance,” which I can vouch for. They spent about two years searching for a place to start it up with a key factor that Pratt was opening up. After attempts to start up directly on the Pratt campus fell through they ended up starting it where it lies today. Mr. Domenico discussed how there were other concepts for the name, but it ended up being what it is because in the end it was truly a family establishment and as such gained its name. The business contains a multitude of choices to suit your coffee needs as well as having a lovely bakery with which you may soothe your sugary needs. The seating is an interesting variety of chairs and there are plenty to go around. After all this if you feel that you require even more you can move on over to the “other side” of the building where you will find a lovely community enabled room. The Other Side was started around six years after the cafe itself started. It gained its name due to it being the “other side” of the building. Mr. Domenico said that this concept was his wife’s baby in some ways and that it has really grown since it started. I can speak from experience when I visited the Other Side last semester I was astounded by how many individuals had grouped up inside the building to listen and discuss with one another. It was an amazing joy to also hear about how his father used to teach and Pratt and was a painter himself. Overall, Cafe Domenico and the Other Side contain an immense interesting history and I think anyone who lives in or near Utica should plan to visit these places as soon as possible.