The Daily Bug Side Hustle

A few pieces done for side hustle: Madison Ciccarelli


Madison Ciccarelli: Resume and Artist Bio


Madison Ciccarelli is a student at Pratt Institute studying visual development with a focus in graphic design. She was born and raised in Canton, Ohio and is the first woman in her family to attend college. She is inspired by the dense mid-western forests near her home town, as well as naturalistic motifs, science, food culture, and world history. Madison likes to explore themes of time, decay, and anatomy in her work to bring attention to the hidden beauty in materials humans find gruesome and depressing. She dreams of designing products that enrich human experience and encourage others to pay attention to the little details of our world.


Side Hustle Inspo: Madison “Chick” Ciccarelli

This side hustle is a self indulgent way for me to experiment with graphic design. The inspiration for this project was a desire for “fun and nonsense” in my artistic development, so I chose a misunderstood animal I have a deep love for: insects. This project is called “The Daily Bug” and is centered around using insects as a medium and muse in graphic design through any medium I see fit. I plan on experimenting with hand letter type, illustrations, photography, and even more unknown mediums like embroidery and costuming.