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I have finished all of the designs for my album covers front and back and wanted to see what the designs would look like on a full sleeve. Next week I am planning on having all of the designs mounted on the actual physical album covers for display. My business cards also arrived and I will have them accompany the album covers when completed. I am beginning to work on my process booklet as well.


Matthew Utica Proud Article Submission

Process Booklet Utica Proud8Raising the Curtain

by Matthew Kim

After thirteen months of construction under the work of world-renown theater architect Thomas Lamb, the doors for the Stanley Theatre officially opened on September 10, 1928 in the small town of Utica, NY. Shortly after its first silent film screening of, “Ramona,” the Stanley Theater began to draw more and more eyes and eventually became a pillar for the entertainment industry for years to come. Currently one of the oldest buildings in Utica, the Stanley Theater has created strong connections with the Broadway League and has been granted multiple opportunities to bring in some of the most renown off Broadway shows, concerts, operas and ballet performances of the modern era.

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While the theater hit a rough patch during the 70s which saw the theater shut down for an extended period of time, constant valiant efforts kept the Stanley Theater on its feet while still preserving its famous Mexican Baroque architectural style. Whether it’s the illuminated entrance lettering or the red coated staircase that leads straight to the Mezzanine, there is so much to be proud of when it comes to talking about the Stanley Theater and what it has accomplished over its time span. Intricate gold floral patterns envelope the interior and exterior structure of the theater which brings the viewer back into the shoes of a twentieth century audience member.

During an interview conducted with Joshua Drahos, Student Activities & Leadership Coordinator of PrattMWP College of Art and Design, Drahos was able to give his perspective on what the Stanley Theatre has to offer and some of the incredible memories that can be made there. One aspect of the marquee that Drahos emphasized was the bread and butter of the theater was how well the theater has been able to organize events that satisfy everybodies needs, while also delivering a memorable experience that will stay in the audience’s memory banks for an extended period of time. The Stanley Theatre over the years has done a tremendous job of breaking the mold of what theaters are supposed to be and has broken the status quo in all venues of the arts. Holding events such as fundraisers, community events, and other occasions that don’t necessarily pertain to theater are what make audience members want to come back on a consistent basis.

From day one, the Stanley Theatre has built a reputation that few and far marquees have achieved in the history of creating entertainment and musical theater. Today, the Stanley Theatre proudly continues to uplift and inspire upcoming generations of entertainers and has only scraped the surface in entertaining those from all over the world.

                     “One of Utica’s Greatest Treasures.”

                                                      – Joshua Drahos


The Stanley Theatre is located at 259 Genesee St, Utica, NY