some stuff i forgot to post about

again im just kind of having fun and experimenting


I love collage so I want to see what I can do with the above design wise jazz.JPG

I’ve wanted to digitally remake one of my favorite paintings i made last year but gave up on it until now. I thought it would be basic or not as interesting as the painting but I’m really happy with how this came out. Will add text in that open purple area later


I’ve also been really inspired by James Victoire’s book Feck Perfuction and been thinking about some of his quotes

im actually excited about design again which is nice 🙂

more side hustle

I’ve been looking at a lot of artists for and I kind of liked this video we saw in art history. I don’t know how much I love his work but he’s fully the epitome of just doing whatever he feels like which is cool. I’ve also been really inspired by the ideas of surrealism in general so we’ll see after some research where that takes me with this project.

Side Hustle


bruh im just doing whatever makes me happy so these were pieces I gave up on a while ago that I’m gonna finish. Ill finish them for my soul but also cause I wanna experiment and play with color and shape and see how I can incorporate this into whatever graphic design thing this wee heart comes up with yee

UP images

For the illustration I was thinking about depicting simple images of people helping others up. I played with the colors of the logo and found that the blue fit the feel better cause apparently blue is spiritual or something and the Rescue Mission of Utica is Christian based. It also matched the photos I thought about including.



Utica Proud Story

After I was tasked with the assignment of finding what makes me proud of Utica, New York, my mind immediately went to the amount of places around here that accept charitable donations in order to help people in need; one place in particular stood out the most to me. The Rescue Mission of Utica is a non-profit and faith based organization dedicated to aiding those dealing with substance abuse and addiction, those who are homeless, those with disabilities and generally anyone else in the community who may be in need.

When I initially got the idea to write about the Rescue Mission, I was under the impression that their sole purposes were to feed and house. After speaking with the Director of Development and Communications, Susan Woods, I learned what a huge understatement this was. Woods spent almost fifteen minutes detailing all of the incredible programs and services they offer the community, including an emergency shelter, addiction stabilization center, spiritual life programs, job training, hot free meals, a learning center and more, if you could believe.

It would be an injustice to the Rescue Mission to not touch on their devout Christian faith. In the words of Woods herself, “we believe completely in the life-transforming power of Jesus Christ and we don’t shy away from that.” Although I personally am not Christian, I find such a positive and kind expression of of religion to be incredibly heartwarming. People at the Rescue Mission use the strength given to them by Jesus Christ to help those around them in need. This quote from their website sums it up pretty well: “God calls us to reach out to these neighbors in need. At the Rescue Mission of Utica, our calling comes straight from Scripture: “To share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter — when you see the naked, to clothe him.” (Isaiah 58:6-7)”.

The Rescue Mission has fed 147,930 people in need, provided nearly 4,000 food boxes to 6,290 struggling families and individuals, as well as housed men and women seeking aid for 30,677 nights. They provide a safe place for people with mental illnesses at the Enriched Living Center along with an emergency shelter that has helped people for 13,677 nights. None of this could have been accomplished without the amount of aid they receive from the community.

When I asked Woods to describe one or two characteristics all volunteers seem to share, she responded without hesitation. They have “huge hearts that want to give back; it’s just amazing.” To those looking to offer any aid to the Rescue Mission of Utica, they are in particular need of assistance in their Finance department. Any accountants or anyone willing to help would be greatly appreciated. You can also help out by giving food, clothing, monetary donations, or by volunteering time. Volunteer work can range from shoveling snow and mowing grass to working in the kitchens or even wrapping Christmas gifts. I greatly hope you’ll all consider looking at their website and learning more about everything you can do to help.

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 10.49.47 AM.png

Side Hustle Progress

Week 1: I initially wanted to do something with makeup packaging design because I was inspired by a student last year who had done it. But eventually I ended up hating that idea because it’s not fun and I just wanna have fun. For some reason I thought making an environmental info-graphic would fix this. I wanted to create work that calls attention to global destruction and that lead poisoning info-graphic on the wall of the classroom is pretty cool and inspiring. I also thought about eco-friendly products with fun designs and a website to “sell” it all.

Week 2: I found videos on youtube about how to make info-graphics, found a bunch of research on the environment and how horrible humans are and how stupid America is and was still inspired in some ways but not entirely. It was at this point I kind of realized that my ideas for my side hustle project were based solely on what I thought was expected of me as a graphic designer. I looked at what other successful students had done in the past and figured I should try to do that. I mean yeah, the previous ideas did excite me but there was always something that made me very reluctant to even try (I’ll explain later).

Week 3: When Claude came in, I told him about the environment idea and that I was thinking about changing it again. When he heard this, he mentioned that when people constantly switch ideas it’s sometimes just them procrastinating. This initially stressed me out because trust me, I procrastinate a lot and this didn’t feel like that; I was genuinely just confused. But then I started thinking about a Jessica Hische quote (thanks Shamber) that said “the work you do while procrastinating is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life”. Which is cute until I realized I don’t make any work while procrastinating (not anymore anyway) – instead, I throw my life away on the internet and get depressed about it later. When I’m not doing that, I focus entirely on the shit that gives me a grade because I forgot that life’s not just about school. What the hell are you gonna be if you can’t make work without a rubric telling you everything you need to be “successful”.

So I’ve decided to procrastinate. I realized I couldn’t do any of my other side hustle ideas because I don’t even know what I do for myself as an artist anymore. I’ve started doing things solely because other people with the ability to make me hate myself have told me to. I need to make things for me in order to understand what I actually wanna do in life and also to actually be happy while making art. Hopefully this will help me find the balance between doing what makes me happy while also fulfilling a teacher’s/ future client’s wishes.

And to those who are like “dumbass, hurry up you’re wasting time you haven’t done anything” (but I doubt anyone except maybe MAYBE Cindy has read this far) I already have around four pieces either done or very close to done and three more ideas I’m itching to start, honey I’m thriving but I’ll post those later.

yeah it probably sounds stupid but this is my self-care/therapy at this point lmao