Julia Eck side hustle 5

I formatted my book on InDeisgn while using real books I own as reference to words per page, font, font size, letting, and when to justify my text and when not to. I also took note of the name and title at the top of the page as well as page numbers and new chapter formatting. I chose palatino for my font on the inside as well experimenting with various google fonts for my title and name on the cover. I spent a long while formatting as each page had to be consistent with the others and in order to order off blurb my pdf had to be a multiple of 6. I edited it twice more once I formatted to make sure there were no typos, however based off of blurb’s recommendation I am going to order 2 books to start as proofs and then order more depending on how many people want to buy one. I chose a soft cover for the sake of saving money and did a wrap around image with traditional book pages inside and a 5×8 size which is slightly smaller than traditional. It ended up being around 70 pages total.

Julia Eck side hustle 4

Because the drive is full I am unable to post photos of my illustrations but they are on my google drive under my side hustle folder if anyone wants to view them. Because of the time I am spending on editing and formatting I have decided to make this an ongoing research project and do the interior illustrations at a later date so I don’t have to rush them and sacrifice the quality. For now I am experimenting with cover options and that will be the design I focus on when ordering my book. I am using the same color palette for now but experimenting with collage, digital, and traditional works. My top choice at the moment is digital text on a traditional painting that I had originally intended to be for the inside of my book. I painted over my original background to make it a solid color which allows for enough empty space for the title as well allowing me to make a contemporary cover that hints to my books’ themes without giving too much away. I edited my story yet again and plan on formatting it and ordering it soon. I may put some up for sale but I will see.

Julia Eck Side Hustle 3

I printed out my rough draft as well as edited it and gave it to a few friends to proofread as well as reading it aloud to them. Then I had a writing major from another school that I know give me constructive criticism on my document via google doc comments. I adjusted the spelling errors and made minor corrections. I have no illustrations yet but I have reviewed color palettes on Pinterest and chosen one that I like and mixed the colors of paint in acrylic that I need to complete my illustrations. I chose a color palette that I feel reflects the mood of my story and the next step for me will be further editing, painting, and final, formatting before I am able to order my book.

Not Your Average Cup of Joe

Spice up your morning routine with a cup of coffee from Cafe Domenico

Julia Eck

Walking into Cafe Domenico on a cold Utica morning is about as close as you’ll get to feeling the warmth of the sun in the middle of winter. The atmosphere of this local gem has been shaped through the sound of jazz music, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, and the vibrantly painted walls- a speck of gold in an otherwise grey winter-scape. Unique photographs and works of art adorn every inch of the space, each one holding some form of sentimental value to the members of this family enterprise. Combined with the various types of furniture and decor, the art escalates the feeling of coziness within the cafe and creates the illusion that you are home. Orin and Kim Domenico (the husband and wife duo who own the cafe) created this space with every intention of having it function as a slow-moving and comfortable retreat where people could go to talk with each other and enjoy a variety of high-quality beverages. They also, both being writers and having roots deeply ingrained in the arts, intended for the cafe to work intimately with the local arts and music community. Next door to Cafe Domenico you can find their not-for-profit arts center where local events are held, however the walls of Domenico’s are reserved for their own special collection. Every time you visit, you are guaranteed to discover something you’ve never noticed before- whether it’s a beautiful black and white photograph or a splash of honey in your chai tea.

“We wanted it to be a beautiful place
and a place that’s comfortable to come that encouraged people to talk to one another”
-Orin Domenico

Cafe Domenico is not just a supporter of the arts, though, but also of local businesses. When Orin began to cultivate his vision for the space he wanted to make sure it was a beautiful and one-of-a-kind establishment for the community to enjoy, and one that was the culmination of hard work, individual creations, and quality product. The goal was never to open many locations and grow the cafe into a chain, but to form an original business that was a direct reflection of the people who built it. I can see this vision reflected in every aspect of the cafe, and I feel as though this space brings a much needed sense of artistic expression and individual perspective to the community. As a college student, it is a great place to go when I have homework to do, or when I want to socialize with my peers outside of an academic setting. And it also has really great coffee. Orin says that lattes are one of the cafes most popular drinks, on top of their regular coffee, and I highly recommend grabbing a hazelnut one if you’re ever nearby.

It is becoming progressively more difficult to find businesses like cafe Domenico that foster a sense of originality and artistic expression, and so this this space is a wonderful asset to the community. It is incredible to see the diverse group of characters that make their way through the cafe, whether it’s to work, talk, or just simply relax, and visiting is something that I look forward to, especially during the colder months. There will come a time when I no longer reside in Utica, but I dearly hope that there will not be a time when Cafe Domenico can say the same. I have a feeling that this is a space I will gravitate to when I find myself back in Utica, or simply when i’m in the mood for a little inspiration or a good cup of coffee.




Photos and illustrations that depict the interior of Cafe Domenico.

Julia Eck Side Hustle 2

For my side hustle I have reviewed writings from the past that I’ve done as well as practiced automatic writing in order to gather materials for my story. I then proceeded to write a rough draft on my google docs that was approximately 10,000 words. I did this in about three sittings as I like to get a lot of my thoughts out at once. Because it is just writing so far I don’t have photos but the story is on my google drive under my side hustle folder and i appreciate any comments either on this post or on my actual google doc that may help me with editing my story. All feedback is welcome.

Julia Eck Side Hustle 1

For my side hustle I am going to be writing a short story and doing illustrations to go along with it. I will be researching different types of illustrations that are different from what I normally do to get inspiration such as loose style fauvist pastel drawings. I will also be reading various novellas by authors such as Samantha Hunt, Ray Bradbury, Virginia Woolf, and Neil Gaiman to gather inspiration on both modernist as well as magical realist works of writing. I am going to do research on writing short stories and storytelling in general as well as look at dynamic book illustrations and formats. My goal is to understand how books are formatted in InDesign and make one that follows a professional style so I can produce more of my own self published works in the future and experience a tase of publishing my work as I am minoring in Creative Writing.