Utica Proud: Green N Wave

Green N Wave logo redesign

New approach in Sangertown

by JJ

Green n Wave brought authentic Hawaiian poke bowls to Sangertown Square’s Center Court around October last year. Green n Wave team has proudly been in the industry with more than twenty years of experience. This is a new concept of healthy eating. Here they blend different concepts of cultural foods into one.

The casual dining experience will provide a modern relaxing atmosphere with good quality of Hawaiian and Asian items. The menu consists of traditional ramen soups, Hawaiian poke bowls with chunks of tuna tossed over rice or poke bowls with a twist which include a protein of customer’s choice such as chicken or steak.

Their focus is on healthy eating while having fun making it. So enjoy making your meal with your own style.

poke option 1poke bowl option 2

Poke means “to slice or cut” in Hawaiian and it refers to chunks of tuna which is then tossed over rice and topped with vegetables and sauces. It sounds like “Poh-keh” instead of poki or poke.

These days, traditional poke seasonings ave been heavily influenced by Japanese ad other Asian cuisines such as soy sauce, green onions, wasabi, and sesame oil.