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I wanted to create something relates to stray cats, since they are a big part of who I am.  I am new to UI/UX and making the prototype, but I was thinking of making this an interactive project can be meaningful and informatics at the same time. So I decided to create an App prototype for users to interact with stray cats and learn information on how to take care of stray cats in the real world around them. This is an App for all ages who are interested in cats. Users will interact with different stray cats in the app through getting to know stray cats, preparing food for stray cats, creating shelters for stray cats, and etc. Stray cats characters that I created are based on real stray cats that I always looked after around my neighborhood.side Hustle-mind mapp.jpg

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Beijing House

By Eureka Du

An escape from the customary flavor; Beijing House serves some of the most authentic Chinese cuisine in Utica.

Beijing House has been running in Utica for about ten years. It has always dedicated itself to serve the local community. The restaurant owner, Chen Caibin, developed the Chinese menu to accommodate the tastes of the local people. With its international flavor, Beijing House is supported by its surrounding community. What is attractive about the Beijing house other than tasty, flavorful food is the welcoming and warm environment we feel once we enter. Chinese classical furniture and ornaments allow customers to feel a pleasant atmosphere. There is another group of customers who choose to take out. Beijing house uses mostly ready-made materials to prepare its dishes. However, comparing to most fast-food restaurants around Utica, Beijing house provides our community with healthy and delicious food in a short time. The restaurant has always been packed and has not encountered any serious setbacks.

Life in Utica is different compared to Mr.Chen’s life back in China. However, with this successful business, Mr. Chen is living pleasantly with his family now. His family moved to New York City in 2000. To make a living, they decided to open a Chinese Restaurant. The location of Utica, the lack of competition, and the affordable rent brought them here, and that is how the story of Beijing House began.

Besides being a successful business in Utica and a source of income for the family, Beijing House shows how Utica is a culturally friendly environment for all individuals with all kinds of ethnic backgrounds.