The Tattoo Story

Illustration of Joe working

Tattoos bringing culture

by Hae Chan Park

It was back in Freshman year in highschool that I first got into tattoos. It’s not the fancy celebrities with fancy little tattoos that intrigued me. It was the aesthetic pleasure combined with the artistic expressions of both the tattooist and the tattooed that allowed me to fall into the world of tattoo. As an artist myself, I started drawing out my own tattoo designs that would someday be drawn on my body. However, knowing the limitations and boundaries I have as a family member of a conservative family, I had to let go of my dreams of getting tattoos.

Four years later, I was accepted to the art school in New York and came to Utica. It was my first time getting away from my parents, and it was freedom at last. With the tattoo designs I’ve drew over the years, I now had to find a tattoo studio. Then was when I met Joe, the head tattooist in the Inkorporated Tattoo Studio. Inkorporated Tattoo Studio is a studio run by Joe Zielinski who graduated from Utica College. He works hard to bring artworks into people’s body and perfects each and every works. He brought a clean and safe tattoo culture to the city and helps people bring artistic beauty to their bodies.

Many people think that Utica is just a gray tone city that lacks cultural aspects and is very dull. Since people have such kind of an idea, they think that the tattoo studios around Utica are not safe and clean. However Joe and his friends work hard the promote the idea that tattoos can be very safe and clean, and furthermore, be a way to express artistic beauty on people’s bodies.



^ Pratt MWP students’ tattoos from Inkorporated Tattoo Studio