Alex Morales Side Hustle Brief

Project Pinterest Board:


Purpose Statement or Objective:

Over the course of the semester I will create 3-4 issues of a magazine featuring my own illustrations and writings about sustainability and environmentalism.



Each magazine will feature a different theme of environmental activism- the food industry, animal conservation, deforestation, global warming, pollution, etc. If time permits, clothing and stationery mockups will be created and/or photographed for advertisements within the magazine; these products can be for the magazine itself or to raise money for hypothetical organizations that support the causes the magazine educates its readers on. I also want to design a mobile format for the project, as most articles and research are accessed online today.



My audience will be anyone who takes an interest in educating themselves a little more on how they can do their part to stay informed on current, pressing environmental issues. In particular I want to gear the magazine towards youth, as we are the future for our planet and I can use my voice to educate younger generations without sounding authoritative.



I will design the illustrations in Illustrator, and design the magazine in InDesign. The mockups for shirt designs and stationery for advertisements will be created on undecided websites online. The research I do will come from reputable existing scientific journals, websites, and documentaries.