Side Hustle Final Update

This is the final logo that I ended up with. The design is more simplified compared to the rest (from the past). I used three colors for this where I want the black to stand out the most. This is because I want the logo to play around the pun with the Chinese character and “step”. If it is not understood immediately then the eye can go to the grey, which is less dominate in the visual.

The color palette

Lastly, I made it so that the logo is put into business cards and shoe boxes to show how it can be utilized. The red is shown throughout the products, which is a new characteristic of the brand. It is an important transition from the old logo to the new one, since the slogan is about going from the past to the future. Let’s all “Step Into Mai Future”.

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Basketball loving, ramen eater, Tom Shen was born in Europe with Chinese blood flowing through his veins. As an creative artist, he is fascinated by almost anything new that comes his way, although he embraces simplicity and minimalism often working digitally with vibrant color combinations. Absolutely open to wild and bizarre concepts. He currently attends PrattMWP in Utica with graphic design as his major.

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