Side Hustle

For my third essay, I focused on the differentiated effects upon the consumer between print media, television, and the Internet in the era of budding cyberspace culture.

Throughout the the Y2K transition, the evolution of the internet into a blogosphere enabled by the significant push towards its usage into a true form of virtual communication through boundary lines allowed the idea of virtual communication and expression to flourish. Combined with easier access to lifestyles of excess and exploration of the idealized self, the idea of multiplicity of authorship and perspective only seems to fit organically with the essence of internet culture. The existence of additional voices to express shared experiences and ideas contributes to the idea of increasingly blurred divisions between different cultures, especially when viewed in the context of the budding internet culture unique to the Y2K timespan.

Published by

Allison Keenan

Allison was born and raised in Indianapolis and remains largely self taught as an illustrator, inspired mainly by heavy metal album covers and promotional artwork, The Ren and Stimpy Show, Gorillaz music videos, Peter Paul Rubens, John Singer Sargent. Through her education at Pratt MWP, Allison also developed an interest in animation, motion graphics, and video arts. In terms of future career aspirations, she plans on fulfilling her dreams of designing album covers and tour posters, comics and graphic novels, as well as writing and directing her own movie and music videos.

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