Side Hustle – Horror Film Photos

I did a photoshoot of the horror film thumbnails using a few students. I shot the images above in my dorm suite since my residence hall has a more house type aesthetic and would look more believable as a house. I was intent on getting red solo cups since I believe alcohol is a catalyst for the story. I did different shots of the characters to experiment what would look best as a poster.

Published by

Mario Orta

Mario Orta is originally from McAllen, TX but grew up in Houston, TX. Here, Mario grew to enjoy the arts. In high school, Mario was part of theater, art, tennis and attended college level courses. Pratt was Mario’s choice for college since he considered the arts being his career after high school. After entering PrattMWP as an undecided major, Mario soon chose Graphic Design as his major of choice since Mario enjoys working with computers and being able to communicate innovate ideas with basic elements such as color and composition. When Mario is not working on schoolwork, he draws on the side. Mario will be completing his BFA in Graphic Design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

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