Side Hustle Progress

Above are patch designs based on illustrations I created for my magazine. The cactus and  flower are the two I am hoping to create into real patches, while the bottom two were just other versions I was trying out.

Here is my Magazine PDF , There are some design issues I am still trying to work out, but every spread has a basic design to it and is almost ready to print.

Currently, I am working on a mockup in InDesign for a website featuring all of the clothing I have designed, sketching other covers for magazines, and planning a screen print/hand embroidery to accompany the two patches on a denim jacket.

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Alexandra Morales is a Communications Design major studying at PrattMWP in Utica, NY. Alex works with collage, painting, printmaking, and digital media. Her work has been displayed in showcases and galleries in San Antonio, TX, since 2016 and Utica, NY, since 2017. Alex will graduate from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Communications Design with a concentration in Illustration in Spring 2021.

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