Side Hustle | Pattern Exploration (W7)

This week’s side hustle update is more of a mini one. I’ve been looking into some folk art imagery and wanted to test it out with relief printing. I used scrap wood and a friend’s extra ink for this test just to see. Unfortunately it was a rectangle so it doesn’t really line up when you rotate it & the design isn’t very polished, but I got an idea of how that process will work and what I need to develop.

Week 7

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to actually continue with this one while I’m home, so I rented some books from the library I can use to research other pattern ideas.

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I am a Connecticut-based illustrator currently working towards my BFA in Communication Design at Pratt Institute. I have been involved in the creative field since my 2012 enrollment at The Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts where I spent my first years of high school. While my focus of the past seven years has been digital illustration, I have experience across a variety of traditional mediums and enjoy experimentation. My work combines my interest in history, folktales and mysticism with inspiration taken from modern trends and aesthetics to create relevant imagery. I am passionate about the research that goes behind my projects and how they can be used to communicate ideas or problem-solve. In 2017 I received the CAS Outstanding Arts Award and by 2020 I will have been featured in five exhibitions.

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