Julia Eck Side Hustle 2

For my side hustle I have reviewed writings from the past that I’ve done as well as practiced automatic writing in order to gather materials for my story. I then proceeded to write a rough draft on my google docs that was approximately 10,000 words. I did this in about three sittings as I like to get a lot of my thoughts out at once. Because it is just writing so far I don’t have photos but the story is on my google drive under my side hustle folder and i appreciate any comments either on this post or on my actual google doc that may help me with editing my story. All feedback is welcome.

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Julia Eck is an illustrator and full time student currently based out of Utica, New York. She specializes in bold and graphic pieces and works typically in traditional mediums such as watercolor, acrylic, and colored pencils. In Spring of 2021 she will graduate from the Pratt Institute of Design and hopes to go on to work full time as an illustrator. However, she currently works as an art teacher for children and does freelance work such as portraits and illustrating kids books. On top of visual art she is a writer and a musician who aspires to incorporate all aspects of her creativity into her practices.

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