Side Hustle | Pattern Exploration (W4)

My side hustle project will explore pattern creation. I’m researching various methods of pattern creation as well as their cultural history and contemporary use. I’m also researching various sources of inspiration such as historical themes and architecture styles. I will then incorporate the patterns into illustrations to be displayed alongside each other. I’ve attached my Week 4 Update & Creative Brief for more info.

Weekly Update | Week 4 Update

Other | Creative Brief

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I am a Connecticut-based illustrator currently working towards my BFA in Communication Design at Pratt Institute. I have been involved in the creative field since my 2012 enrollment at The Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts where I spent my first years of high school. While my focus of the past seven years has been digital illustration, I have experience across a variety of traditional mediums and enjoy experimentation. My work combines my interest in history, folktales and mysticism with inspiration taken from modern trends and aesthetics to create relevant imagery. I am passionate about the research that goes behind my projects and how they can be used to communicate ideas or problem-solve. In 2017 I received the CAS Outstanding Arts Award and by 2020 I will have been featured in five exhibitions.

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