Side Hustle Project

Side Hustle Project (for now)

Objective: Create packaging and brand for vegan gummy bears.

Who: The target audience is but not only limited to vegans. The purpose is to provide agar based gummy bears that come in a variety of flavors as opposed to gelatin which is made from animals. 

What: Using a certain color scheme and graphic style, I want to focus on creating collective packaging. There will be a variety of flavors using fruits from different countries. I plan to design regional packages containing fruits from said regions. Each region will have its own unique design.

How: I initially want to design a box for the packaging. However, I realized I should expand and experiment with design the packaging in different forms. What would the packaging look like in bottle or a bag form? Research and prototyping will be done for the different types of packages as I want to make the experience of encountering these vegan gummy bears as interesting as possible for the consumer.


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