Side Hustle Project

The Side Hustle Project will run the full semester right along side the other two major projects.

Using RAP processes of mind mapping and brain dumping students will begin with a self-awareness inventory, in-depth research, and a plan to execute a series of personal experiments or projects. A profile image and brief biography including a summary of your academic and professional goals must be supplied. A collection of resources will be curated; such as text, images, and links to serve as examples and inspiration and the basis of independent creative briefs.

Mind mapping

Your projects should relate to your personal interests or goals. Some possibilities include: a weekly creative challenge, example: Christoph Niemann, Tad Carpenter, photographic image making, a series of proposed New Yorker covers, branding, packaging, poster series, example: Luba Lukova, Abby Leighton, advertising campaigns, music graphics, a collection of experimental image making or even a YouTube channel.

If you are unsure of a direction, try practicing and experimenting with new techniques. A collection of coursework from a variety of Skillshare classes could be a good jumping off point, example Adam Afzali.

Experimental risk taking will be encouraged. Whether your experience seems successful or not, this will provide you the opportunity to push beyond expectations and inspire your creative process. Each week you will post updates digitally to our class website. Studio critiques will ensure a thorough analysis of this process and the course will conclude with all steps well documented and presented in an organized format.

Project Due Dates LINK

Typography is an art – Adam Afzali

Link to Student Side Hustle Projects

Published by

Cindy Buckley Koren

Professor of Communications Design at Pratt Institute in Utica NY. After working on award winning projects with clients including: AT&T, Global Finance and Runner’s World Magazine, Cindy Buckley Koren could not resist the calling to return to Upstate NY in order to teach and raise her family. She established two successful B.O.C.E.S. vocational programs in Visual Communications and is currently professor of Communications Design at PrattMWP College of Art and Design. Her students’ work is routinely recognized in the U.S. and abroad. As a featured speaker at the inaugural TEDx Utica, she challenged today’s educational institutions to stop being “instistupid” and “do stuff that matters.”

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