Announcing Utica Proud – College Edition

Teaser Article in Utica OD
2/24/2019 article announcing the partnership between PrattMWP students and the Observer Dispatch.

Side Hustle Project

The Side Hustle Project will run the full semester right along side the other two major projects.

Using RAP processes of mind mapping and brain dumping students will begin with a self-awareness inventory, in-depth research, and a plan to execute a series of personal experiments or projects. A profile image and brief biography including a summary of your academic and professional goals must be supplied. A collection of resources will be curated; such as text, images, and links to serve as examples and inspiration and the basis of independent creative briefs.

Mind mapping


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UTICA PROUD – Print Edition SOLD OUT. View e-book here

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utica proud book

Utica Proud | College Edition, Volume One sold out in record time from the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Museum Gift shop. This collaborative project was inspired by our Utica Proud Campaign showcases Utica from a college student point of view. Created by PrattMWP Communications design students, it features thirty stories accompanied by original photography and illustration celebrating the past, present, and potential of our city.

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